Whanau Voice

What parents say about BECC

We love that lots of the teachers have been here for years and years. It gives BECC a feeling of permanence and consistency, and shows they obviously love working here.

Lovely, caring teachers

Lots of empathy

Great with settling in the little ones to session

Always something new happening

Great community spirit

Communication/family feel

Staff and parents are so friendly!

Atmosphere is relaxed and the children always look happy and engaged

The lovely welcoming atmosphere

The wonderful teachers – so switched on to each child’s (and each family’s) needs.

Teachers genuine care and professionalism that has made our child so free and happy to explore her potential.

Today she literally ran in the room which shows how at home she is here.

We appreciate the specific 2.20-2.40 bracket especially for parents to discuss our child’s development that day.

The feedback is informative and tells us about progress and her interests rather than “she had a good day”.

We see her enjoyment of her friendships. She sings school songs at home, mentions her teachers and peers names at home with fondness!

BECC is the right place for us! Oh and the cat is great for teaching her to care and be gentle – we don’t have pets.

It is really important to the teachers that time is taken getting to know the children when they arrive. This really helps with settling.

‘Cuddles’ are common and its so nice knowing that my child is cared for in a loving and nurturing way

The activities are varied, fun and educational and its clear a lot of time and thought has been spent creating them.

‘Whanau’ is really important. Not only the recognition of the child’s whanau but the place the child has as part of BECC whanau

Teachers are incredibly supportive of parents needs whether it be helping settle an anxious child (and help a teary mum!) or with a current issue. It is also clear that the teachers want to be there.

The kids clearly love being at BECC. You can see it when you walk through the door.

The resources inside and out are amazing.

Keep doing what you are doing!

The love (care, empathy, attention, hugs) that I see being given to my son (and his older brother when he was attending).

So many things…

– The calmness

– The commitment of the staff and their varying styles

– The sense of community

– The time and attention given to getting to know children and their families

– The quotes that regularly appear on the whiteboard

– The regular updates through Educa

Caring teachers

Great outdoor area

Fun activities

Music and singing

The above quotes were taken from parents during a feedback survey.